Amusement Games

Premier Amusement Music and Games in Amherst and Mansfield, Ohio

Lorain Music & Vending Co. has the amusement games you’re looking for to both entertain your customers and maximize revenue.

Video Games: We offer bar top video game systems and standard stand-alone consoles. Bar top games are available in HD or standard definition, and they offer a sleek, compact design that can work for any location, regardless of available space. Other video games include Livewire Golden Tee golf and Silver Strike bowling standalone consoles.

Whether bar top or standard console, video games continue to rise in popularity with customers of all ages. Also, many of these games compare scores across the nation, further engaging your customers to play.

You likely can’t fit a basketball court in your location, but you can install one, or more, of our arcade basketball machines. These are revenue generators everywhere they’re installed, as everyone wants to try to beat the high score, whether they’re basketball enthusiasts or not. Basketball machines are also able to be linked together, offering a head-to-head experience for an even more compelling experience.

Beer Ball:The Future of Bar Leagues! Let the good times roll with Bay Tek's new bar-piece, Beer Ball. Men and women all over enjoy the nostalgic and social game play that Beer Ball offers. Play head-to-head for bragging rights or high score or join a Beer Ball league for weekly fun.

Locations and operators can also offer special promotions by using the printer option to give away free items for certain set scores, for example roll a 600 and win a free pizza!

Don't stop there run a bracketed tournaments.

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