Vending Machines & Office Coffee Service in Amherst and Mansfield, Ohio

Today’s consumer is becoming more and more health conscious, and with good reason. Healthier people are happier, and more productive. Also, they get sick less often, meaning they are a lesser burden on health insurance costs. These are all reasons why business owners should consider healthier options with their vending services, and why Lorain Music & Vending Co. offers a wide variety of healthy food, snack and beverage options. .

From chips and candy bars to cookies and food items, we offer many healthy options that are low in sugar, calories, sodium, fat and carbs. Whatever you’re hoping to minimize in your diet, we likely have options to satisfy. Also, you can completely customize your selection.

Moreover, we offer many healthier beverage options. From bottled waters and flavored waters to juices, teas, diet sodas and sports drinks, we have lower calorie options to quench your thirst.

There are good reasons why Lorain Music & Vending Co. has been in business since the 40's. See what experience can do for you. Call 440-984-2235 or 419-683-1598, or e-mail, to set up your free, no obligation consultation today.