Redemption Games

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People can buy stuffed animals and other small toys and prizes anywhere, but put them behind glass as part of a compelling game, and those same people will shell out dollar after dollar to try and win one. All the while, those who are watching the action will be compelled to try their luck and prove they have the best strategy.

Lorain Music & Vending Co. offers a wide range of redemption games, and also the fare to fill them. The following are some of the most popular redemption games we offer:

Key Master: You need a steady hand to direct the key into just the right spot. If you do, a great prize is unlocked and rewarded. Easy to learn and play, Key Master is the perfect game for all ages.

Road Trip: Simply spin the wheel to gain mileage on the way through three American cities: Chicago, Denver and Hollywood. Prizes are offered at all three cities, but players can choose to redeem a prize, or chance on to the next city.

Skittle Ball: A simple, but addicting game of shooting balls through the points-based holes. Complete with compelling sound effects and music, Skittle Ball offers three (small, medium and large) instant redemption prize levels, and the game can be set for a “winner every time” option.

Crane Games: We offer a multitude of crane games, an arcade institution for generations, but now even more compelling than ever. Using the joystick to position the claw, press the button when you’re ready to drop it and attempt to snag a stuffed animal, jewelry or various other prizes.

Gravity Hill: This challenging skill game is an ROI machine. Watch patrons pump dollar after dollar in to try and work a ball up the slopes of a steep mountain en route to the premium prize hole. Looks easier than it is, and that’s what keeps people coming back for more.

Black Out: This unique game integrates cutting-edge transparent screen technology with a touchscreen, giving players the combination of a video game and redemption game experience. Players have five tries to “flick over” onscreen characters using just their fingers on the screen. Cover 100% of the sun’s surface and win a prize.

Trap Door: All that lies between the player and his prize is a simple trap door. Of course, completely opening that trap door is harder, and more time consuming, than it looks. Stop the spinning light in the win zone and the trap door will open slightly, but it won’t drop the prize. The player needs to keep lighting up the win zone until the door opens wide enough to let the prize drop. No one wants to let their progress help another player, so they keep playing until success is achieved.

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