Vending Machines & Office Coffee Service in Amherst and Mansfield, Ohio

Offering great foods, snacks and beverages is only half the battle. A great vending company understands that machine technology is also very important. That’s why Lorain Music & Vending Co. only utilizes equipment with state-of-the-art features.

For instance, our machines incorporate remote monitoring systems. This allows us to keep route drivers aware of what products are running low at your location before ever leaving our facility. This increases our efficiency and helps us ensure you’re never out of product.

Guaranteed Product Delivery Systems

Sure Vend technology is another great feature found on our machines. This uses infrared beams to detect if a paid-for product has been vended or not. If the product doesn’t drop, money is automatically refunded, which saves time, hassle and aggravation.

Technology That Makes a Difference

Our machines also include bill recyclers. Rather than getting tons of coins back, these machines can provide change in $1, $5 and $10 bills.

Also, our machines are Energy Star efficient. They incorporate features like LED lighting to keep your utility bill low, and reducing your carbon footprint.

There are good reasons why Lorain Music & Vending Co. has been in business since the 40's. See what experience can do for you. Call 440-984-2235 or 419-683-1598, or e-mail, to set up your free, no obligation consultation today.