Vending Machines & Office Coffee Service in Amherst and Mansfield, Ohio

Lorain Music & Vending Co. offers many different types of vending machines, from soda and snack machines to coffee and food machines. Vending machines just make sense for most companies because they provide a win-win-win situation. Your employees will see the offering as a nice fringe benefit, all the while keeping people happier and more productive.

No matter what type of vending service you choose, we pride ourselves on delivering an unrivaled selection of snacks, beverages, fresh and frozen foods, and coffees. What makes our selection even better is that we allow our customers to completely customize the products that go into their machines. Also, if we don’t have a particular item that you want, just say the word to your route driver. We’ll do whatever we can to get it.

  • •Not just standard vending fare, but healthier items are available as well.
  • •Clean, reliable machines, installed and maintained at no extra charge.
  • •Regularly scheduled service and quick response times when a machine is down.

There are good reasons why Lorain Music & Vending Co. has been in business since the 40's. See what experience can do for you. Call 440-984-2235 or 419-683-1598, or e-mail, to set up your free, no obligation consultation today.